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Literature Library
Baton Rouge AIDS Society has continued to serve the community for 14 years as a "Testing and Training Center".  It is our belief that educaton is the cure.  We have to commit to a better job of educating our community about HIV/AIDS and other related STDs.  Baton Rouge is number 1 in the country with the highest rate of AIDS Cases.  Little do you know, since 2006 our state has also been number one in the rate of Syphilis cases.  There are other STDs that we continue to rank high in as well.  Let's stop the madness and educate ourselves and others.
Literature Library is sponsored by the Louisiana Office of Public Health, Greater than AIDS, and other local and national resources.  Baton Rouge AIDS Society invites individuals and groups to stop by our main location at 4560 North Blvd. and select pieces of literature for your next communityevent and/or  personal education.  It is simple as 1, 2, 3.  1 - Stop by the agency.  2 - Pick out the Literature. 3 - Fill out the form.  The Literature is FREE.  Select from over 30 different topics. 
Community Partner/Event# of Literature Pieces
National 24 Hour Testing Day


 AKA , Plaquemine


 New Bethel Baptist Church


 Ladies Of Virtue and Elegance


 Amigos Market


 El Magey Mexican Buffet


 La Frontera


 La Morenita Meat Market


 Panaderia Las Delicias


 La Reyna Latin Restaurant




Topics Available: 

HIV Positive: 

Talking About HIV Status

When It's Time To Tell: Disclosing HIV+ Status

About Living With HIV

Overcoming Depression - HIV: Positive Choices

HIV and Smoking

Preventing Opportunistic Infections -
Tips for People with HIV

HIV and Other STDs - A Double Threat

Healthy Eating - For People With HIV

Living With HIV Feelings


STDs & HIV/AIDS Pocket Poster

What Everyone Should Know About STDs

Consider the Risk : Facts About Herpes

Facts about STDs

The Risks Are Real: STD Facts

What You Need to Know About:
STIs - Sexually Transmitted Infections


Hepatitis C: Understanding the Risk

Living with Chronic Hepatitis B

HIV and Hep C


 Substance Use:

HIV, AIDS, and Shooting Up

HIV and Drinking

Condom Use and Safer Sex:

Do You Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself from HIV: For Women

About Condoms and Safer Sex

Talking with Your Partner About Condoms

About Protecting Yourself from HIV


Hepatitis A: lo que usted debe saber

Abstinencia: Decir No A Las Relaciones Sexuales

"Hablemos Del Sexo"

Sobre Condones y Relaciones Sexuales Mas Seguras

Positivo: asi es como go Vivo

Lo Que Todos Deben Saber: Sobre El VIH Y El SIDA 


 Faith Based Communities:

What People of Faith Should Know about HIV

Anyone Can Get HIV and AIDS

Keep It Real: HIV is No Joke!

 More Spanish:

La realidad sobre el VIH y el SIDA

Como romper el vinculo con el VIH y las ETS :
el Alcohol, Otras Drogas y el Sexo

Lo que todo el mundo debe saber sobre:
Las Enfermedades De Transmision Sexual

Cualquiera puede contraer el VIH el SIDA

Como Tener Relaciones Amorosas Seguras

Hepatitis C: Lo que deberia Saber

Sobre Como Protegerse Contra el VIH

Miguel y Dolores Una Prueba de Amor


Abstinence : Saying No To Sex

Not Too Late To Wait: Secondary Abstinence

What's Up With Abstinence

Why Waiting Works: Abstinence and Relationships

 Mothers and Women:

You, Your Baby - and HIV

Why We Got Tested for HIV

 Testing for HIV:

What's Your Status?  Get Tested for HIV

Rapid HIV Testing: Why Wait to Find Out?


HIV and AIDS - Facts for Young People

Real Sex, Real Risk: Oral Sex, HIV & Other STDs

Knowing What's True - and False: HIV and AIDS


Thinking About Tattooing or Body Piercing?

What Everyone Should Know About HIV and AIDS

HIV and Diabetes

HIV and AIDS - What You Need To Know

 Special Populations:

What People Over 50 Need to Know
About HIV and AIDS

I Never Asked - I Wish I Did (Female 69 Year Old)

A Story About HIV/AIDS in Prison:
All Inmates Deserve Some Respect

Beyone Fear - One Inmate's Story About HIV

Out and Proud - Preventing HIV:
For Gay and Bisexual Men