Baton Rouge AIDS Society provides FREE condoms through a special grant awarded by the Office of Public Health. In addition to all of the rural areas in Baton Rouge, BRASS offers FREE condoms to three local clubs in the Baton Rouge area and multiple sites in the rural areas. We currently maintain an open door policy of registering additional sites upon demand.     

Also, please remember that birth control pills and shots are not a substitute for condoms when it comes down to protecting yourself against HIV and other STDs. Although condoms can be used as a form of birth control, forms of birth control, forms of birth control CAN NOT be used to replace a condom. Keep mind that the best way to make sure that you don't get pregnant or don't get an STD is to practice ABSTINENCE!

Below are the 22 Steps on How To Use A Condom:

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The Female Condom!

Reality is intended to be worn by women during sex. It can help prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS (HIV infection).

Reality can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex. However, most women insert Reality between 2 to 20 minutes before sex. It should be removed after sex and before you stand up. It is for on-time use. Like other condoms, a new Reality should be used with each sex act.

For more information about the Female Condom "Reality", call 923-AIDS or 1-800-274-6601.

"What Is The Deal With Oral Sex"

There are flavored condoms and dental dam that are recommended for use during Oral Sex. Many people feel that oral sex is not sex. Fortunately, you can not get someone pregnant that way. However, you can get HIV and other STDs from oral sex. Because of this protection is recommended when participating in this activity.

Flavored condoms are use on the penis to protect both individuals from possible unknown/known STDs. Be careful when using flavored condoms that use powder substances for flavor. Although these are okay for oral sex, they may cause irritation during vaginal sex.

Flavored dental dam is used for vaginal and anal oral sex. If you do not have dental dam, use nonmicrowavable saran rap. Remember, increasing your barriers will decrease your chances of getting an STD. However, the only safe sex is NO SEX!



Lambskin Condoms "DO NOT" Protect you from STDs!!!!



Stay away from Lambskin condoms if you are trying to protect yourself against STDs and HIV. Lambskin is designed to help prevent pregnancy and will indicate on the box that it is not designed to protect against HIV or other STDs.

Be ware of condoms that are purchased in machines. Make sure that they are made of latex and check the expiration date.

Caution! There are studies being done on condoms that are lubricated with spermicidal fluids. This type of lubrication may kill the good bacteria in the vagina, thereby increasing a person's chance of getting HIV if exposed to it.


UGANDA's Approach to HIV is as simple as A, B, and C.


If you can't practice Abstinence, BE Faithful to one partner

If you have one or more partners, use CONDOMS


Lube is used to increase the sensation for both partners. Please remember if you are going to use lube, make sure it is a water based lubricant. Oil based lubricants tend to cause the condom to break.

Lube can be placed inside the condom before it is placed on the penis to ensure increased pleasure for the man.

Lube can also be placed on the point of entry (Vaginal or Anal)or the tip of the outer part of the condom to increase sensation for the partner.