The Baton Rouge area is #1 in the country with the highest rates of AIDS Cases.  Enough is Enough!  We have to increase testing opportunities in our communities and make testing for HIV more accessible to citizens within our area.  Baton Rouge AIDS Society is fighting to raise $175,000.00 to cover its Project P.L.A.N.T. (People Living with an AIDS diagnosis and NEVER Tested).  This is an estimate for testing 1,200 people per year. That would yield a cost of $146.00 to test each person.
Many may say that it is a very expensive cost.  However, the average annual cost of treating HIV-positive patients in the Unite States can vary from about $34,000.00 - $14,000.00, depending on the stage of the virus.  In addition, the current lifetime treatment cost of an HIV infection is estimated at $379, 668 (in 2010 dollars).  Prevention is the Cure! 
As much as our ministry is helping thousands of people, including the 204 we tested for National Testing Day, our funding is in need of replenishing.    This program has a special emphasis of working with the community at nontraditional sites and times.  It is time to pick up our cross and do something!  We appreciate all of your help and ask you to keep us in your prayers!  Below is a list of 2013 Supporters of this endeavor.
$5,000.00 or More
$2,000.00 - $4,999.00
$1,000.00 - $1,999.00
$250.00 - $999.00
$100.00 - $249.00
$0.01 - $99.00
Our Goal is to reach 5,000 people and of that number, 1,200 will get tested during the year of 2013.  Know your status.  For more information, contact 225-923-AIDS!
Current Amount Raised =  $25,830.00

Office of Public Health
HIV Testing Kits - $15,000.00

Javon Ayo

Public Health Institute

Delta Sigma Theta