Dinner of A Lifetime!
Baton Rouge is currently ranked #1 in the country with the highest rates of AIDS cases.  At the same time, local and federal funding is withering away.  There are not enough funds to match the need of our community.  This is where you can help!  
"Dinner of A Lifetime" (D.O.L.) is a formal/informal dinner party where you cook a special meal for some of your closest friends.  You invite them over by letting them know that you are hosting a special fundraiser for a local nonprofit organization in an effort to support the fight against HIV/AIDS within our community.  Let them know that the only thing that you expect from them is to bring the amount that they would normally spend at a restaurant for the meal you are providing at your “Party with a Purpose”.  Of course, if they would like to bring a larger donation, that would be at their own discretion.
At the conclusion of the dinner, a member from Baton Rouge AIDS Society (a 21 year HIV Community Based Organization) will formally thank all who attended the “Dinner of A Lifetime” and give a 10 minute presentation about HIV/AIDS.
D.O.L. can also be an event hosted at a local restaurant to contribute portions of the bill in support of Baton Rouge AIDS Society.  For the next "Dinner Of A Lifetime" contact the agency at 225-923-AIDS! 
Our Community – Our Problem!  Together, We Can Make A Difference!
To schedule your “Dinner of A Lifetime”, please complete the registration below.  Also, if you would like to recommend others who we may invite to join the fight against AIDS with a “Party with a Purpose”,  please feel free to complete the recommendation cards on this page.
FREE HIV Counseling and Rapid Testing (Results in 20 minutes) is offered at each dinner upon request!

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For additional information, call:

225-923-AIDS (2437)

By registering for a "Dinner of A Lifetime" (D.O.L.), you are now a soldier in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  Once you have hosted your D.O.L., please take a second to add your name to the warrior guestbook list and view others who are in the fight with us!


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